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  • Copper-Iron Alloy, A New Electronics Material from Nexteck

    广东快乐十分开奖结果As the different specific gravity of copper and iron, metal manufactures have not found a way to mix them by melting depending on the past mass production technology and manufacturing know-how. Recent

    2018-10-26 09:42:00

  • Copper Industry Development of Europe

    Europe has a relatively small, but efficient, copper mining industry, plus a world-class smelting and refining sector for copper producing。European companies have pioneered many of the metallurgical p

    2019-09-16 11:43:33

  • Nexteck Technology Alloy Products for Power Generation

    Energize your company with durable, high-performance alloy products for power generation applications from Nexteck Technoloy. From nuclear to renewable energy, Nexteck Technology can manufacture and s

    2019-09-11 10:51:16

  • Standards for Coppers and Copper Alloys

    Standards for coppers and copper alloys are important because they define material requirements—such as composition, mechanical and metallurgical properties—so that materials can be ordered and suppli

    2019-09-09 09:54:55

  • Copper Tube for Air-conditioning is Economical and Eco-friendly

    Copper is man’s oldest metal and is recognised as the metal of civilisation, found at the heart of many an innovative application, throughout history. Its combination of useful properties makes it and

    2019-09-06 10:20:52

  • Properties and Applications of Copper

    The word copper comes from the Latin word ‘cuprum’, which means ‘ore of Cyprus’. This is why the chemical symbol for copper is Cu. Copper has many extremely useful properties, including good electrica

    2019-09-04 14:07:42

  • ‘Magic’Alloy Could Mean Cheaper Solar Power

    Different from traditional colomony and nichrome from Nexteck Technology, a new kind of semiconductor alloy capable of capturing the near-infrared light located on the edge of the visible light spectr

    2019-09-02 14:28:36

  • Semiconductor Alloys

    As with all materials, engineering semiconductors primarily involves formation of alloys and control of defects。 In current technology the use of alloys is seen in heterojunction bipolar transistors,

    2019-08-30 12:01:30

  • Applications for Shape Memory alloys

    As an alloy provider, Nexteck Technology  provide various copper nickel alloys,  nichrome alloys and more. Recent years,  Nexteck Technology notice that  a new alloy-Shape Memory m

    2019-08-28 15:03:45

  • Tungsten: The Strongest Natural Metal on Earth

    Tungsten: derived from the Swedish words TUNG (English: heavy) and STEN (English: stone) due to its density. The other important tungsten ore, was discovered in an iron mine in Sweden in 1750. With a

    2019-08-26 15:18:52

  • Status and Influencing Factors of Cobalt

    Every once in a while, a previously underappreciated metal rises to prominence. Several factors can cause this to happen: new technology, changing consumer preferences, supply constraints, or skyrocke

    2019-08-23 18:04:14

  • Copper Alloys for Plastic Injection Molding Review

    Copper alloys are attractive to the mold industry because of their high thermal conductivity, ease of machining by a variety of processes, and corrosion resistance to water, cooling fluids and the pla

    2019-08-21 14:31:11

  • Alloy Manufacturing of Nexteck Technology

    Nexteck Technology has always been a highly specialized, high-performance alloy producer. Mission-critical applications, such as aerospace and chemical processing demand stringent quality standards. W

    2019-08-14 14:20:10

  • Minerals Absolutely Critical to National Security

    What do cobalt, uranium, helium, titanium, and fluorspar have in common? These are all minerals that are deemed critical to both the economic and national security of the country. As an professional a

    2019-08-12 16:10:00

  • Nickel Alloys' Characteristics, Classification, Consumption and Application

    Nickel is an alloy metal, silvery white in color that takes on a high polish. It belongs to the class of transition metals, and is hard and ductile. The metal is found combined with sulphur in milleri

    2019-08-09 11:09:44

  • The Impact of Metal Materials on Passive Electronic Components

    Raw materials are the most expensive variable cost associated with the production of passive components, such as manganese copper, nicochrome by Nexteck Technology Limited are the key materials for re

    2019-08-07 11:57:03

  • Casting Alloys Application and Classification

    The wide range of casting alloys suppliers, like Nexteck Technoloy Limited, provides products and helps in selecting the most suitable and cost effective material that meets the requirements of a part

    2019-08-05 16:23:55

  • Copper is the World's Most Reusable Resource

    Copper is  one of the most used and reused of our "modern" metals. When it comes to penny, there are some bright facts about copper. The copper on that penny maybe as old as the pharaoh

    2019-08-02 10:16:32

  • The Features and Applications of Copper alloy castings

    Copper is a popularly used ductile metal。 Some of the properties are: malleable, ductile, good conductor of heat, good conductor of electricity-in pure state, and also finds extensive use as a thermal

    2019-07-31 15:04:29

  • 广东快乐十分开奖结果 The Copper Market's Demand and Economic Value in EU

    Used for its superior properties, such as having the best electrical and thermal conductivity of any commonly used metal, as well as its durability and hygienic properties, copper is a key material fo

    2019-07-29 15:04:10

  • Alloy Design and the Reason We Do It

    In the field of engineering we are typically using only up to 1000 different types of metallic alloys on a regular basis. This is a very tiny fraction of potentially interesting alloys.  Nexteck

    2019-07-26 11:12:27

  • What is Permalloy Alloy?

    Permalloy (Ni80Fe20) is broadly used to prepare magnetic nanostructures for high-frequency experiments where the magnetization is either excited by electrical currents or magnetic fields. Detaile

    2019-07-24 10:34:43

  • 7 Things Every Metal Investor Needs to Know About Zinc

    Certain commodities tend to fly under the radar for periods of time. For example, it was only in the last couple of years that markets have been able to digest the potential impact of the electric veh

    2019-07-22 14:13:19

  • How Platinum Improves Our World

    Due  to the metal’s rarity throughout history, the value of platinum,one percious metal, is over gold。 Its earliest known use was in Ancient Egypt。 South American Indigenous populations also used

    2019-07-19 11:40:05

  • Characteristics, Applicaiton and Supply Chain of Cobalt

    Cobalt is a transition metal found between iron and nickel on the periodic table。 It has a high melting point (1493°C) and retains its strength to a high temperature。 Similar to iron or nickel, cobalt

    2019-07-18 09:20:38

  • 广东快乐十分开奖结果 Over 50% of all steel, cement, nickel, and copper goes to China

    广东快乐十分开奖结果China is building often, and they are building higher. It’s said that in China, a new skyscraper is built every five days.In fact, just last year, China completed 77 of the world’s 144 new supertall b

    2019-07-15 11:14:45

  • Nexteck Visits South Korea and Participates Greater Bay Area (Hong Kong - Shenzhen) Joint Technology Seminar

    Nexteck, accompanying with other mission members, attends Greater Bay Area (Hong Kong - Shenzhen) Joint Technology Seminar organized by Hong Kong Trade Development Council and The Foreign Affairs Offi

    2019-07-15 08:57:18

  • 广东快乐十分开奖结果 Nexteck' s Second Day Visit with the Mission to Seoul, South Korea

    After yesterday's activities of attending Greater Bay Area Technology Seminar, networking luncheon, business matching meetings, Munjeong-dong Raemian Gallery and Ground X Corp visit, today the del

    2019-07-12 16:19:03

  • NEXTECK Visiting Japan and South Korea with Hong Kong - Shenzhen Joint Technology Mission

    Nexteck, with many celebrated organizations and companies like Fook Tin Group Holdings, HKTDC, DJI, BYD, is taking part in Hong Kong - Shenzhen Joint Technology Mission to Japan and Korea from July 7

    2019-07-10 11:54:51

  • Nickel Alloys for Aerospace Applications

    Nickel based alloys, widely used in aerospace engineering, are selected based on their ability to resist extremely high temperatures, corrosion and constant wear, and for their magnetic properties. Ni

    2019-07-08 11:46:32

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